Beautiful Noise

Join sonic curator, Andrea Toyias, as she brings a wide mix of music to the air waves on her new show, Beautiful Noise. 
As a self professed audiophile and never ending music junkie, Andrea scours the global ethers in order to weave an interesting and eclectic musical mosaic for KLBP listeners week after week. Whether it be obscure gypsy pop music or the darkest of post punk beats, Andrea brings her curated mix and never ending passion to each new episode. 
Music is a journey. A story. Andrea’s goal is to deliver a delicious narrative of sounds and textures to every set she shares.
For updates on new shows and set lists, follow her on IG: beatifulnoiseklbp.

Walter and Fonz Show

Walter and Fonz are original members of the LA Podcasters, which started podcasting over 10 years ago.  They now reside in Long Beach, CA where they continue their juvenile hi-jinx, discussing all things riff-raff, booze, and tunes. Walter and Fonz cover weekly local news and worldwide booze reviews.  You can listen to interesting conversations with creative people all while enjoying an incredible playlist of garage rock, punk, new wave, metal and rock n roll!

Spotify Golden Hour Playlist:

California Country Show

California Country with Dave Bernal!

Get the latest scope of talent and interviews with some of California’s rising country talent!

Mondays at 6 pm & Thursdays at 3 pm

IG: Calcountryshow

Brett Bixby’s Bix Mix

Longtime Long Beach musician and DJ, Brett Bixby, takes you on an eclectic journey through genre and groove on Bix Mix.

The Come Up

Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap music dj’d fresh for you from all of your favorite decades.

Tuesdays at 4 pm & Fridays at 6 pm

Catbluz Radio Hour

Turn it up real loud and celebrate the blues with host Gilbert “Catfish” Mares!

Tuesdays at 7 pm & Saturdays at 5 pm

Cosmic Spot

Michael Walsh delivers the latest sounds in electronic music ranging from house to experimental.

Friday at 8 pm & Wednesday at 3 am

Dancing on the Astral Plane

Join host Rose Lozon at the intersection of ethereal spirituality & the music experience.

Monday at 7 am & Friday at 3 pm

GoGo Boots

GoGo Boots Radio Program brings together solid grooves from across the globe, regardless of genre or style. Hits and hidden gems curated by Kenny Field, the aim of The GoGo Boots Radio Program is to expose listeners to sounds that are both familiar as well as and new and exciting! Get your ears on and get ready for some pure audio gold.

Mondays at 9 pm & Fridays at 11 am

It’s a GAS! with Steve Blue

Steve Blue relives the Great American Songbook through the standards and more.

Sundays at 11 am & Wednesdays at 5 pm

Indie Creators in the JoyZone

Thomas Ardavany and Suzanne Toro are dedicated to raising your vibration, and celebrating indie creators.

Saturdays at 1 pm & Thursdays at 5 pm

Lunar Saloon

Ron Husges aka “Floppy Disco” brings you an aural soundtrack fusing psychedelic space rock, cosmic disco, synth-pop, jazz funk, italo disco, easy listening, electro, boogie funk & library music

Friday at 10 pm & Tuesday at 3 am

This is Long Beach

This is Long Beach celebrates our Long Beach culture and inspires listeners to be more conscientious, actively engaged, and inclusive members of our city. Produced by the Leadership Long Beach class of 2019.

Umami Radio

Umami Radio is a weekly radio show that draws its inspiration from the 1990s, blending rap, rock, and r&b. When translated in Japanese, umami is the fifth taste and can best be described as savory, unique and earthy. The host of Umami Radio, Anne Bergstedt aka The Hitchcock Brunette, likes to think of her musical palette as the same. Bringing artist history, a nostalgia for the nineties, and a live set to the tables – Anne serves up a fresh hour each week in the mix.

Golden Hour Playlist:

Fridays 7 pm & Tuesdays at 3 pm

The Whole Way Through

After listening to the entirety of a local musician’s album, host Talon Stradley sits down with the artist to discuss everything that went in to its creation